Fresh Rainbow Trout From Our Back Garden

 Fresh Rainbow Trout

Our Back Garden is pleased to now be able to offer fresh Trout for sale to our customers



Our Rainbow Trout are grown in our Aquaponics system here on Mill Meadows Farm in Westbourne and free from exposure to any chemical treatments growing in our closed recirculating water system .

Water from the fish tanks is used to grow vegetables and herbs. The plants in the aquaponics system soak up nutrients from the water, cleaning and restoring the water to a high quality before returning it to our trout in the fish tanks.


 Fish are available to order now for collection or local delivery and can be provided whole , gutted or filleted according to order

Our fish range in size from 500g (35cm)-900g (45cm)

  • Price £10.00 per kg whole fish
  • Cleaned/head on £12.00 per kg
  • Fillets £17.50 per kg
  • Wholesale prices (Call or email for details)

To Order

 Email us: hello@ourbg.co.uk or Call: 07519847459

Mill Meadows Farm, Mill Lane,Westbourne,PO10 8RT 

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