Alpaca Wool Socks Rose Grey


Our Rose Grey luxurious Alpaca wool sock made and sourced from the UK. This sock is perfect for living your best cosy life and made from a beautiful natural yarn.

Alpaca’s have become a huge part of what we love and are known for. Not only are these animals addictively cute but Alpaca fleece has a lot of benefits. Alpacas have a lower impact on the environment than cashmere goats and the fleece have hypoallergenic qualities. The fleece is also very durable keeping you incredibly warm whilst maintaining a lighter feel than most wool products.

All our yarns are undyed and we create different shades by blending the fleeces of different coloured alpacas making each run of yarn unique and exclusive to Our Back Garden.


Small/UK 4-5

Medium/ 5-8


Content: 80% Alpaca 20% Nylon

How to care for your Alpaca wool product?

We would advise a cool hand wash or cold gentle machine wash for most instances when cleaning your Alpaca wool product.

Ensure you handle with care when drying your Alpaca wool product ensuring to support the weight and avoid wringing or twisting the water from it.

To dry lay flat on a surface until this has dried naturally

Do not tumble dry


  • PLEASE NOTE THIS PRODUCT IS NOT REFUNDABLE – Please email us directly if you have an issue with your product and we will look to resolve asap.