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The OBG family are so excited to bring you our Alpaca wool earrings.

Handmade by Laura on the farm near Hampshire and West Sussex using wool from our own herd as well as some sourced from herds around the UK. This style is named after one of our very own on the farm “Ebony” which is very fitting for the loyal nature of this Alpaca. This style will elevate your outfit for any occasion.

Made using the worsted yarns we use to create our signature knitted range of hats and scarfs, we are branching out into our passion for earrings and other accessories.

Each earring can vary in size due to the yarn, however the size can vary between 9cm-12cm length / 2cm -3cm width. Alpaca wool is a hand wash only material but these earrings should avoid water where possible due to the metal work. We offer these in a number of different shades which are natural combinations of our Alpaca colours. None of our wool is dyed and its all sourced & made here in the UK.


  • 100% Alpaca wool
  • Brass

*Please add into your notes if you would like a large or small glass pearl bead 🙂