OBG Digital Alpaca Experience


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OBG Digital Alpaca Experience

These new and unprecedented times have given us the opportunity to turn our experiences into digital moments. Whether you are looking for a way to spice up your team meetings or provide some fluffy guests to a zoom party we want to make sure we provide that opportunity for you.

Please let us know your preferred time. Invite as many friends or people to your meeting and we will give you a unique insight to life on Mill Meadows Farm, giving you an opportunity to get to know all about our Alpaca’s.

Once you have purchased this option we will be in touch to organise final details.

Price includes:

  • 30 minute duration
  • Zoom only if you need us to set up the meeting, other wise please send us log in details for your meeting.
  • 10 -15 min talk about the Farm & our Alpaca herd
  • Question and Answer session with a member of the OBG team
  • Please let us know if this is for a particular occasion as we would love to celebrate with you.

This is suitable for all ages.

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