09th Apr 2019

Monday – 08/04/2019

An exciting day and FREE SAMPLES!

We made the journey up to Birminghams NEC for this years Farm Shop and Deli Show.

The visit was research based originally, a chance to look at what other Farm, Farm  shops and Deli’s are doing and offering. With no preconceptions or ideas on what we would be walking away with we had an amazing time.

With the future possibilities of OBG spreading out in front of us it is becoming more important that our energy and resources are channeled in ways that really improve and boost our brand and lifestyle.

Food, Drink, Furnishings, wholesalers and retailers where all in attendance each with a stall and selection of produce.

If ever you are in a position where you need inspiring, exciting and motivated then I strongly suggest you attend a convention that meets your requirements and you won’t regret it.

As for us! We have been thinking of how to boost online sales and ‘clicks’ to social media, also how we can add value to our products and also promote the ‘Our Back Garden’ Lifestyle promoting and inspiring people that whatever the outside space you have you can own it and love it and make it work for you!

I can’t say much more but keep your eyes peeled for lots of exciting things to hit our website pages.

See ya!


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