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Our Back Garden is a farm that offers unique and specialized experiences tailored to enrich students' education through hands-on, curriculum-aligned activities.

Our farm provides engaging opportunities for students to explore science and geography concepts, while fostering a deeper understanding of agriculture and sustainability.

At Our Back Garden we are dedicated to providing immersive educational experiences that go beyond traditional classroom learning. Our farm boasts a range of exciting activities that align with the national curriculum for science and geography. Experiences offered at Our Back Garden are unique and curated for your needs and requirements.


Optional Activities:

  1. Freshwater River Sampling:
  • Students will have the opportunity to engage in freshwater river sampling, exploring aquatic ecosystems and learning about water quality and water habitats.
  • The activity aligns with the national curriculum for geography, covering topics such as rivers, ecosystems, and environmental sustainability.
  • The activity aligns with the national curriculum for science, covering habitats and lifecycles.
  1. Alpaca, Sheep, and Cow Interactions:
  • Students will interact with alpacas, sheep, and cows, gaining insights into animal husbandry, behaviour, and the role of livestock in agriculture.
  • This activity aligns with the national curriculum for science, covering topics such as life cycles, habitats, and adaptation.
  1. Aquaponics Fish Farm Tour:
  • Our aquaponics fish farm provides a fascinating look at sustainable farming practices, combining aquaculture and hydroponics.
  • This activity aligns with the national curriculum for science, covering topics such as ecosystems, food chains, and sustainable agriculture.

Benefits for Students:

  • Hands-on learning experiences that reinforce classroom teachings.
  • Exposure to diverse aspects of science and geography through engaging activities.
  • Development of critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
  • A deeper appreciation for agriculture, sustainability, and environmental responsibility.


  • We can accommodate various size groups of students per trip.
  • The duration of each trip can be negotiated but half day or full day options are preferred.
  • Transportation options can be discussed to ensure convenient access for your school and access arrangements can be made.


Booking and Further Information: To book a trip or inquire further, please contact us at We are more than happy to customize experiences to suit your curriculum needs and ensure a memorable and educational visit for your students. Our Back Garden is dedicated to work with you to fit to your budget and requirements.

Ann Brazier
Ann Brazier
15 February 2024
A great visit for a meet and greet session at Our Back Garden today. My granddaughter absolutely loved it. The staff were friendly and helpful, making it such a pleasurable visit. We definitely intend to return for alpaca walking later in the year
Susannah Greenwood
Susannah Greenwood
12 December 2023
Beautiful place to visit, lots of events a sweet shop and now you can get refreshments. Worth a visit.
Coral Harmon
Coral Harmon
3 December 2023
Had an amazing visit today, meeting and feeding the alpacas. The hosts were really friendly and informative and obviously really care about their animals and their business. The alpacas were lovely, the hot drinks great and the produce made from the alpaca wool was wonderful; I look forward to wearing my hat and socks and I'm sure our grandson will love his cuddly alpaca. Would definitely recommend a visit and would love to come back.
Mark Ralls
Mark Ralls
5 November 2023
Fantastic day out .
Mark Darlington
Mark Darlington
14 October 2023
Hosted our daughter's birthday party here. It was such a lovely experience for the children, and the owners were amazing!
Hefin Griffiths
Hefin Griffiths
1 October 2023
Visited with Veterans Outreach Support. Brilliant crew, brilliant morning 👍👍
Lou T
Lou T
30 September 2023
We had a fantastic couple of hours with the alpacas today. Such a great place, with a lovely family feel. Laura was brilliant and taught us everything we needed to know. I’m in love with Flora and wanted to take her home. Thank you so much.
Paul Monks
Paul Monks
20 September 2023
My wife loved this place we got so close to the Alpacas, the meet and greet is brilliant, you get to feed and pet then a great experience.
Ben Carville
Ben Carville
19 September 2023
Absolutely brilliant. The hut is so cute and the setting is beautiful. Laura and Perry are also incredibly helpful.