Grey Flat Knit Alpaca Wool Beanie


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Back by popular demand our flat knit grey beanie

This modern silhouette is a new addition to the range. Sleek but soft we love how easy this style is to wear.

Unisex and one size this is a slimmer fit to our ribbed hats but fits most sized heads.

Our Herd of Alpaca’s have become a huge part of what we love and are known for. Not only are these animals addictively cute but the producers of our main products. Alpaca Fleece has become more and more popular for wool lovers. Due to its more sustainable nature than cashmere Alpaca wool has a lot of benefits. As soft as cashmere the wool from alpacas is more sustainable as we can get a lot more wool per animal than any cashmere goat would produce.

“Alpaca fibres are also incredibly soft and mostly hypoallergenic; more durable and less likely to pill than cashmere; and warmer, yet lighter, than traditional wool”

Emily Farra –

How to care for your Alpaca wool product?

  • We would advise a cool hand wash for most instances when cleaning your Alpaca wool product. This natural product should hardly need a wash and the gentle method of hand washing will help ensure you will have this product keeping you warm for years to come.
  • Ensure you handle with care when drying your Alpaca wool product ensuring to support the weight and avoid wringing or twisting the water from it.
  • To dry lay flat on a surface until this has dried naturally