It’s a dogs life…


I know have a newfound respect for sheep dogs and their owners/trainers!


So lambing 2019 is over on Mill Meadows Farm. A year of man first for us here at OBG and one of those being the system used for lambing.


About this time last year we were just finishing our barn raising on the farm enduring the mighty ‘Beast from the East’ that brought all the weather possible! The barn has opened us up to so many more possibilities, one of which is lambing, having previously let everything happen in the field which brings its own challenges.


A BUMBER year!! All our ewes are healthy, only a couple of tough pregnancies that are all sorted now even our amazing triplet ewe (read more about her in our ‘International Women’s Day’ blog) all bar one lamb made it with a total 13 lambs from 10 ewes.


So, after a number of weeks tucked up with all the luxuries a sheep could need it was time to turn them out. We decided to go for a ‘fool proof’ approach, load up the trailer with lambs and drive across the field and all the ewes will happily follow their little ones…


Well… It was as if they’d forgotten what the outside world looked like. No fuss was made at all but all had forgotten that they had even had lambs!!


Eventually we did it and I felt like I’d run a marathon keeping them pointed home, who needs the gym!


Sheep dogs 1 – 0 Perry!